Shane Pinto signs with Senators

Shane Pinto signs with Senators

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Signs a contract with the Senators and can make his season debut on Sunday

Shane Pinto signs with the Senators, paving the way for the first modern NHL player suspended for gambling to make his season debut. In October, Pinto, who is now 23 years old, received a suspension of 41 games (which is half the season) for violating the sports gambling policy of the league.

Although neither Pinto nor the league disclosed what he did to get suspended, they confirmed that he did not bet on hockey. When the suspension was announced, Pinto was a restricted free agent, which meant that the Senators had his rights, but he was not signed. His recent contract is valued at the pro-rated league minimum of $775,000. Pinto returned to practice last week, determined to move past the suspension and return to playing.

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“It’s been a long road for me,” Pinto said Jan. 12 after skating with teammates for the first time in months. “We’re at the finish line here, and I’m just excited for it, honestly.”

The season in Ottawa has been quite tumultuous and the team has not met expectations since the absence of Pinto. Michael Andlauer, the new owner, made the decision to fire general manager Pierre Dorion after the team was stripped of a first-round draft pick.

Steve Staios replaced Dorion and subsequently fired coach D.J. Smith, replacing him with Jacques Martin. The Senators have only been able to win 16 out of their first 40 games this season. They will be hosting Winnipeg before heading to Philadelphia to play their 42nd game of the season.







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